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Launching the BEAR (Bio-Energy Access and Recovery) systems in Canada. Patented by GWPT these micro-utilities convert wood waste and other types of biomass into heat and power for remote communities, resorts and industry.

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Service 02

Toronto Water West: A vision concept by GWPT. A glimpse of the future for Ontario Place incorporating advanced public infrastructure and amenities with eco-technologies

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2Spruce House: A custom LEED certified home in Don Mills, Ontario designed by Steve Poulos for GWPT.

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Trellis: a proposed eco-neighbourhood in Richmond Hill, Ontario conceived as a compact development with a strong local Sustainability Metrics rating. It scores high in terms of proximity to amenities and transportation networks while having a low total carbon footprint utilizing renewable energy production.

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Global Warming Prevention Technologies Inc. (GWPT) is an expanding Canadian-based corporation that provides advanced renewable energy solutions and conservation technologies to address pressing environmental needs, in association with consumers, local governments and private industry.

By providing alternative solutions to the 4 essential ‘Circle of Life’ technology sectors GWPT aims to lower the end costs, and overall societal costs associated with these industries by factors that until now were not possible. These four sectors come together through the essential work of innovative design and planning:



Hybrid Motion Control LTD. Fulton Enginnered Specialties Inc. Hewcore


Steven D. Poulos
President and CEO
Antoniu (Tony) Bacsa
Senior Engineer
Walter Widlaw
P.Eng. Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Ernst Bon Bezold
Senior Project Analyst
Amal Abbas
Architectural Designer/technician
Cindy Van Weston
Raymond Connolly
Research and Production Analyst
Erwin Beltran
Chemical Engineer


Dr. Oliver Schoenborn
Senior Science Advisor
Laleh Seifi
Environmental Engineer & Business Consultant
Bryan Sewell
Senior Process Engineer
Julian Jacobs Architect
Senior Advisor & Design Associate
Donald B. Hathway
Senior Corporate Development Advisor


Gary Nixon
Steven D. Poulos
David Ball